Institute of Information Science
2018 Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship 2018 at Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Objective: This summer internship program is designated to educate the young scholars in Information Sciences, provides opportunities to become familiar with research fields and obtain hands-on research experiences.
Eligibility: Open to the undergraduate students currently enrolled in information science or related areas at accredited colleges and universities. The students from other backgrounds but have great interests in information science are welcome. The students expecting to graduate by summer 2018 with graduation school or PhD admission letter are eligible to apply. If the students who are not returning to school in the following semester, you can consider applying for Research Assistant positions.
Application Submission:2018/02/15~2018/03/15

Internship Duration: 2018/07/02~2018/08/31

How to Apply: Apply online and upload required documents, including statement of purpose, official academic transcript, etc. (The student is strongly encouraged to find the labs he/she is interested.) A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your application.

Research List :
Registration Link :

Monthly Stipend
PhD Student: NTD 28000 (max)
Master’s Student: NTD 23000 (max)
Undergrad: NTD 21000 (max)

1.The first round admitted students will be awarded the maximum amount of stipend.
   The amount of the stipend for the second and the third round of admission
   will be at the discretion of the lab host.
2.The summer internship for 2018 will start at July 2, Monday. July 1 will not be paid.

Announcement of Results: 2018/03/31, 2018/04/16 and 2018/04/30

Ms. Chia-Chien Hsiao 02-2788-3799#2303

2018 First-Round Admission List
姓名 Name 實驗室主持人 Lab Host
O ***-Jung Chang 王大為 Dr. Da-Wei Wang
O ***-Chun Liu 王大為  Dr. Da-Wei Wang
湯O由 *** Tang 王建民 Dr. Chien-Min Wang
O ***-Jing Yang 王建民 Dr. Chien-Min Wang
O ***-Huei Hsiao 王柏堯 Dr. Bow-Yaw Wang
傅O夫 ***-Fu Fu 王柏堯  Dr. Bow-Yaw Wang
林O超 ***-Chao Lin 王釧茹 Dr. Chuan-Ju Wang
蔣O容 *** Tsai Chiang 王釧茹  Dr. Chuan-Ju Wang
王O安 *** Wang 王新民 Dr. Hsin-Min Wang
O *** Luo 王新民 Dr. Hsin-Min Wang
O ***-Rong Yang 古倫維 Dr. Lun-Wei Ku 
陳O華 ***-Hua Chen 古倫維 Dr. Lun-Wei Ku 
劉O源 ***-Yuan Liu 何建明 Dr. Jan-Ming Ho
O ***-Hao Syu 何建明 Dr. Jan-Ming Ho
王O舒 ***-Su Wang 呂及人 Dr. Chi-Jen Lu
林O慶 ***-Ching Lin 呂及人 Dr. Chi-Jen Lu
O ***-Hsiang Hung 呂俊賢 Dr. Chun-Shien Lu
張O寬 ***-Kuan Chang 呂俊賢  Dr. Chun-Shien Lu
許O宇 ***-Yu Hsu 宋定懿 Dr. Ting-Yi Sung
O ***-Fang Chi 宋定懿 Dr. Ting-Yi Sung
李O宸 ***-Cheng Lee 李德財 Dr. Der-Tsai Lee 
游O豪 *** -Hao You 李德財  Dr. Der-Tsai Lee 
O ***-Tang Lin 林仲彥 Dr. Chung-Yen Lin
黃O晨 ***-Chen Huang 林仲彥  Dr. Chung-Yen Lin
何O蓁 ***-Chen Ho 林彥宇 Dr. Yen-Yu Lin
O ***-Hsiang Hung 林彥宇 Dr. Yen-Yu Lin
施O元 ***-Yuan Shih 修丕承 Dr. Pi-Cheng Hsiu
陳O *** Chen 修丕承 Dr. Pi-Cheng Hsiu
O ***-Yan Wang 徐讚昇 Dr. Tsan-Sheng Hsu
馬O芸 ***-Yun Ma 徐讚昇  Dr. Tsan-Sheng Hsu
李O蓓 ***-Pei Lee 馬偉雲 Dr. Wei-Yun Ma
O ***-Bin Han 馬偉雲  Dr. Wei-Yun Ma
王O瑨 *** Wang 張佑榕 Dr. Ronald Y. Chang
莊O靜 ***-Jing Chuang 張原豪 Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang
O ***-Da Huang 張原豪 Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang
江O瑋 ***-Wei Chiang 張韻詩 Dr. Jane Win Shih Liu
吳O燃 ***-Jan Wu 張韻詩  Dr. Jane Win Shih Liu
O ***-Le Liu 曹昱 Dr. Yu Tsao
張O翔 ***-Hsiang Zhang 莊庭瑞 Dr. Tyng-Ruey Chuang
周O宇 ***-Yu Chou 莊庭瑞 Dr. Tyng-Ruey Chuang
O ***-Hung Hsiao 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
謝O威 ***-Wei Shieh 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
羅O禎 ***-Chen  Lo 陳伶志 Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen
O ***-En Ke 陳伶志 Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen
白O瑋 ***-Wei Pai 陳孟彰 Dr. Meng-Chang Chen
李O欣 ***-Hsin Lee 陳孟彰  Dr. Meng-Chang Chen
O ***-Tang Su 陳昇瑋 Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
李O峰 ***-Feng Lee 陳昇瑋 Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
吳O原 ***-Yuan Wu 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
O *** Liang 陳郁方  Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
蕭O軒 ***-Shiuan Hsiao  陳祝嵩 Dr. Chu-Song Chen
邵O嶸 ***-Jung Shao 陳祝嵩  Dr. Chu-Song Chen
O ***-Hao Liao 黃文良 Dr. Wen-Liang Hwang
魯O君 ***-Chun Lu 黃文良  Dr. Wen-Liang Hwang
趙O凱 ***-Kai Chao 黃彥男 Dr. Yen-Nun Huang
O ***-Wen Chen 楊奕軒 Dr. Yi-Hsuan Yang
吳O陽 ***-Yang Wu 楊得年 Dr. De-Nian Yang 
黃O鈞 ***-Chun Huang 楊得年 Dr. De-Nian Yang 
O ***-Shiuan Chong 葉彌妍 Dr. Mi-Yen Yeh
方O賢 ***-Shien Fang 葉彌妍 Dr. Mi-Yen Yeh
吳O民 ***-Ming Wu 廖純中 Dr. Churn-Jung Liau
O ***-Quan Chen 廖純中 Dr. Churn-Jung Liau
汪O哲 ***-Che Wang 劉庭祿 Dr. Tyng-Luh Liu
宋O霖 ***-Lin Sung 劉庭祿  Dr. Tyng-Luh Liu
O ***-Yu Su 蔡懷寬 Dr. Huai-Kuang Tsai
趙O豪 ***-Hao Chao 蔡懷寬  Dr. Huai-Kuang Tsai
張O榕 ***-Jung Chang 鄭湘筠 Dr. Hsiang-Yun Cheng
O ***-Wei Kao 鄭湘筠 Dr. Hsiang-Yun Cheng
林O琪 ***-Chi Lin 穆信成 Dr. Shin-Cheng Mu
林O豪 ***- Zheng Hao 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
O ***-Ting Lin 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
傅O興 ***-Sing, Fu 蘇黎 Dr. Li Su
何O至 ***-Chih Ho 蘇黎  Dr. Li Su
O ***-Yu Chang 鐘楷閔 Dr. Kai-Min Chung
陳O為 ***-Wei Chen 鐘楷閔  Dr. Kai-Min Chung

2018 Second-Round Admission List
姓名 Name 實驗室主持人 Lab Host
陳O儒 ***-Ju Chen 王大為 Dr. Da-Wei Wang
葉O宏 ***-Hung Yeh 王大為 Dr. Da-Wei Wang
邱O芷 ***-Jr Chiu 王釧茹 Dr. Chuan-Ju Wang
蔡O哲 *** Tsai 王釧茹  Dr. Chuan-Ju Wang
康O儀 ***-Yi Kang 王新民 Dr. Hsin-Min Wang
張O淳 ***-Chun Chang 王新民 Dr. Hsin-Min Wang
黃O端 ***-Tuan Huang 王新民 Dr. Hsin-Min Wang
何O辰 ***-Chen Her 王建民 Dr. Chien-Min Wang
林O言 *** Lin 古倫維 Dr. Lun-Wei Ku 
廖O翔 ***-Hsiang Liao 古倫維 Dr. Lun-Wei Ku 
夏O安 ***-An Hsia 古倫維  Dr. Lun-Wei Ku 
張O勝 ***-Seng Chang 宋定懿 Dr. Ting-Yi Sung
徐O能 ***-Neng Hsu 呂及人 Dr. Chi-Jen Lu
薛O勛 ***-Hsun Hsueh 馬偉雲  Dr. Wei-Yun Ma
游O傑 ***-Chieh Yu 徐讚昇  Dr. Tsan-Sheng Hsu
張O丞 ***-Cheng Chang 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
陳O儒 *** Chen 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
陳O傑 ***-Chieh Chen 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
陳O鳴 ***-Ming Chen 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
趙O皓 ***-Hao Chao  許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
蔡O霖 *** Tsai 許聞廉 Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
白O遠 ***-Yuan Bai 許聞廉  Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
莊O松 ***-Sung Chuang 許聞廉  Dr. Wen-Lian Hsu
黃O萱 ***-Hsuan Huang 陳伶志 Dr. Ling-Jyh Chen
方O豪 ***-Hao Fang 陳昇瑋  Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
陳O珉 ***-Ming Chen 陳昇瑋  Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
高O聰 ***-Tsung Kao 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
郭O騎 ***-Chi Kuo 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
陳O君 ***-Chun Chen 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
黃O豪 *** Huang 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
蕭O宣 ***-Hsuan Hsiao 陳郁方 Dr. Yu-Fang Chen
蔡O達 ***-Da Tsai 陳孟彰  Dr. Meng-Chang Chen
張O洋 ***-Cheng Yang 陳祝嵩  Dr. Chu-Song Chen
詹O年 ***-Nien Chan 劉庭祿 Dr. Tyng-Luh Liu
游O杰 *** You 劉庭祿  Dr. Tyng-Luh Liu
林O鈞 ***-Jiun Lin 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
康O瑋 ***-Wei Kang 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
陳O叡 *** Chen 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
廖O妤 ***-Yu Liao 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
潘O君 ***-Chun Pan 蘇克毅 Dr. Keh-Yih Su
周O冠 ***-Kuan Chou 蘇克毅  Dr. Keh-Yih Su
鄭O文 ***-Wen Cheng 蘇克毅  Dr. Keh-Yih Su
林O伶 *** Liem 蘇黎 Dr. Li Su
施O廷 ***-Ting Shih 蘇黎 Dr. Li Su
郭O瑄 ***-Hsuan Kuo 蘇黎 Dr. Li Su
楊O晴 ***-Ching Yang 蘇黎 Dr. Li Su
許O軒 ***-Hsuan Hsu 鐘楷閔 Dr. Kai-Min Chung
吳O季 ***-Chi Wu 鐘楷閔  Dr. Kai-Min Chung
廖O甯 ***-Ning Liao 鐘楷閔  Dr. Kai-Min Chung

2018 Third-Round Admission List
姓名 Name 實驗室主持人 Lab Host
郝O毅 ***-Yi Hao 王大為 Dr. Da-Wei Wang
陳O嫻 ***-Hsien Chen 王大為 Dr. Da-Wei Wang
陳O瑋 ***-Wei Chen 陳昇瑋  Dr. Sheng-Wei Chen
羅O *** Lo 曹昱 Dr. Yu Tsao
楊O瑜 ***-Yu Yang 馬偉雲 Dr. Wei-Yun Ma
徐O鈞 ***-Chun Hsu 林彥宇 Dr. Yen-Yu Lin


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