Institute of Information Science
2019 Announcements
Arrow Congratulations to Dr. Chu-Song Chen laboratory participated 2019 Intelligent Manufacturing and Big Data Analytics Contest (企業與研究機構組 ProjectA 首獎)
Arrow Congratulations to Dr. Chung-Yen Lin and his team members for receiving the Sixteenth Innoaward .
Arrow Congratulations to Dr. Hung-Min Hsu under the guidance of Professor Jenq-Neng Hwang leads the University of Washington team to participate AI City Challenge of CVPR 2019, and wins the Top1 on City-scale multi-camera vehicle tracking, the second place on City-scale multi-camera vehicle re-identification, and the second place on Traffic anomaly detection.tion.
Arrow Congratulations to Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang for receiving the 2018 K. T. Li Breakthrough Award.
Arrow 2019資訊盃球類競賽活動
Arrow Congratulations to Mr.Tsung-ching Lin for being promoted to Associate Research Engineer , effective November 20, 2018
Arrow Dr. Wei-Yun Ma and his team members participated in the first Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI, and won third place.
Arrow Congratulations to USC’s C.-C. Jay Kuo Named to Receive IEEE Computer Society 2019 Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award
Arrow Dr. Lun-Wei Ku and her team members participated in the Dialog System Technology Challenge (DSTC7) Audio Visual Scene-Aware Dialog Callenge won the fourth place


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