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User Regulations


Regulation of IIS Network and Public Computers

The network and public computer services provided by IIS is to facilitate the research and communication between other academic intitutions. To ensure the quality and fair use of the networks, the users must follow the regulations.

  1. The services and resources provided by the computer center are for academic use. The users must not use them for any nonofficial purposes.
  2. Static IPs should be registered at the computer center. Unregistered static IP is strictly prohibited.
  3. Servers providing outgoing services should be registered at the computer center. The manager should take full control of the machine and ensure the security.
  4. For any purposes to pass through the firewall, please apply VPN account to the computer center.
  5. VPN is only for official use. Please log off immediately once finished.
  6. Users are not allowed to use or lend the accounts not belonging to them. Users also cannot access or change others' files and passwords, and spread malicious software or equipments.
  7. Users cannot access unauthorized computer systems, nor attempt to damage and change computer and network systems.
  8. Users cannot transmit or distribute threatening and violence data, nor abusing and humiliating speech.
  9. Users should properly use the computers and networks, and avoid overloading them to induce network congestion.
  10. The software that users install, use, download, or distribute should not violate intellectual property rights.
  11. Users cannot violate domestic and foreign laws when using the computers and networks.
  12. The computer center has the right to terminate the account of the user if he/she violates the regulation. In severe situations, the computer center will send the user to IIS administration.