Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica



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Founded in June 1977, the library at the Institute of Information Science (IIS) provides support for the Institute’s research activities, as well as general service to the public. We are located on the second floor of the new IIS building. Our archives include more than 300 journal titles and 21,000 book volumes. Our library has a proud tradition, not only due to the scope of the literature within our collection, which has been built throughout the past more than thirty years, but also for the friendly and efficient assistance that our librarians provide.

Due to both space limitations and increases in the availability of electronic resources, such as journals, conference proceedings, books, and databases, our library is gradually replacing the number of subscriptions to paper-based archives with electronic resources. We are also working toward providing more personalized services, including archive and full-text searching, so as to better meet the needs of our researchers and properly fulfill the role of an academic library.

June 2012