Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

Computer Center


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IIS Networks


The network of Academia Sinica is backboned with high speed optical networks connecting LANs of institutes. IIS is the center of network region 1, with routers located at Rm 402, IIS old building. The routers connect network from IIS(140.109.17, 140.109.20), Institute of Statistics(140.109.73), Institue of Earth Science(140.109.80), and the activity center(140.109.176). The bandwidth from IIS to the computer center of Academia Sinica has been raised to giga level since 2003.

The machine room of IIS old building is in the first floor. It contains telephone and network distributing frame, and a NT option-11 digital switch(moved to Rm 301 in IIS new building in 2003).

The machine room of IIS new building is in Rm 301. It contains telephone and network distributing frame. The network cable is CAT5 UTP capable of 10/100/1000Mbps networks.

Connection between New/Old buildings

There are two ways to connect the telephone and computer networks between the two buildings.
  1. Fiber optic cables are set up. The subnet of 140.109.17 and 140.109.20 are both connected via these cables.
  2. 500 pairs of CAT5 cable connects between the two machine room of the new and old buildings. 400 of them are for telephone and the rest are for computers.

Network Settings