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2018 Summer Internship Program



This summer internship program is designated to educate the young scholars in Information Sciences, provides opportunities to become familiar with research fields and obtain hands-on research experiences.


Open to the undergraduate students currently enrolled in information science or related areas at accredited colleges and universities. The students from other backgrounds but have great interests in information science are welcome. The students expecting to graduate by summer 2018 with graduation school or PhD admission letter are eligible to apply. If the students who are not returning to school in the following semester, you can consider applying for Research Assistant positions.

Application Submission

2018/02/15 ~ 2018/03/15

Internship Duration

2018/07/02 ~ 2018/08/31

How to Apply

Apply online and upload required documents, including statement of purpose, official academic transcript, etc.

The student is strongly encouraged to find the labs he/she is interested. A confirmation email will be sent after we receive your application.

Monthly Stipend

Remarks :
  1. The first round admitted students will be awarded the maximum amount of stipend.
    The amount of the stipend for the second and the third round of admission will be at the discretion of the lab host.
  2. The summer internship for 2018 will start at July 2, Monday. July 1 will not be paid.

Announcement of Results

  1. 2018/03/31
  2. 2018/04/16
  3. 2018/04/30


Ms. Chia-Chien Hsiao
02-2788-3799 #2303

Admission List

2018 Admission List