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System Weakness Detection


Detecting Network Security Holes

Detection system: 【Link
You can choose to scan the machine in use or all the machines under your name. The system will send you a report once finishing the scan.

Report Webpage

The report contains three parts. The first part is the time consumed and the amount of security holes. The second part lists the number of machines and their IPs, holes, warnings, open ports and states in the segment. The third part shows detail descriptions of security holes including possible solutions to resolve the holes.

Q & A

Q: I have many machines are detected with security holes. Is there an emergent level I can refer to?
A: Please refer to the severity and risk factor in the third part of the report. This may help you determine the sequence of repair.

Q: What should I do if I found my machine is shown in the report?
A: Please refer to the description and solution shown in the third column.

Q: I've completed the repair. How can I make sure the security holes is gone?
A: The computer center periodically scan the computers and send the reports to all users. You may check the report to see if the security hole still exists.

Please contact the computer center (ext 1301) if you have any problems.